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An easy to use Discord Bot Builder

Our Discord Bot Builder is an easy to use drag and drop bot builder that is all hosted in the cloud, meaning you never have to worry about servers for your bot!

Coming this Summer

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Deploy faster

Everything you need to deploy your bot

Below is just some of the features that our Discord bot builder will have, check them out!


Our #1 priority is your security, all bots are secure in the cloud and can't be modified by random people.

Easy Configuration

Our bots are easy to configure, no more hassle with configuring your own. Just a few clicks and your bot is running!

Automatic Refresh

Did you make changes to your bot? We automatically reboot your bot when changes occur!

Advanced Security

Have some bot managers that need to make changes? You can easily give them permissions on the dashboard!

Powerful API

Need to link your bot with your own service? You can easily do so with our well documented API.

Database Backups

Our databases are backed up daily and will always be available to restore data, your data is safe with us.


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